Soft X-Ray Imager (XRI)


The X-Ray Imager (XRI) images the Magnetosheath. The XRI is a wide FOV telescope using high heritage X-ray micropore optics (MPO) and a high heritage micro-channel plate (MCP) focal plane to detect soft (E<1.5 keV) X-rays generated by the interaction of high-charge-state solar wind ions with Earth’s exosphere both within the magnetosheath and outside the bowsock. The XRI produces X-ray images of the dayside magnetosheath where the X-ray emissivity is strongly peaked just outside of the local tangent to magnetopause.

XRI’s sensitivity, angular resolution (<0.5°) and large FOV (23°x23°) allow it to locate the magnetopause boundary at high cadence with the precision required by STORM’s science objectives.

The X-ray Imager (XRI)