Onboard instruments:

STORM has a complement of 6 onboard instruments: 2 in-situ instruments and 4 imagers. STORM’s two in-situ instruments, the magnetometer (MAG) and ion electron spectrometer (IES), measure the local magnetic field and plasma, respectively. STORM’s 4 imagers, the soft x-ray imager (XRI), the far ultraviolet imager (FUV), the energetic neutral atom imager (ENA), and LAICA, make nearly continuous observations of the magnetopause and bow shock, the auroral oval, the Earth’s ring current, and the exosphere (respectively).

Ground-based ASI observatory and network:

STORM’s 6 onboard instruments are further supplemented with an array of all-sky imagers (ASI) which provide high spatio-temporal observations of the aurora. STORM will deploy multispectral ASI Ground-based Observatory (GBO) at 14 locations across North America to image auroras. 

Instrument placement:

STORM instrument placement and pointing enables each instrument to continuously acquire science data from its target when the spacecraft is nadir pointing (the three-axis magnetometer is not shown).