SM014 – Global Transport of Mass, Energy, and Momentum Through the Magnetosphere

The solar wind’s interaction with the terrestrial magnetosphere causes a global circulation of energy flowing throughout the system’s coupled plasma and neutral gas regimes. These include, but are not limited to, the cusp, the ionosphere, the plasmasphere, the ring current, the radiation belts, the magnetotail and its plasma sheet, and even the exosphere. Understanding and quantifying these global processes requires a holistic approach to magnetospheric phenomena, a system-science view combining observations that extends across the temporal scales of space weather from minutes (e.g., dayside and nightside reconnection and substorms) to days (e.g., geomagnetic storms) and across the spatial scales from, for example, tens of kilometers (e.g., the aurora) to tens of Earth radii (e.g., the ring current and plasma sheet). We welcome all presentations that address the global properties of the transport of mass, energy, and momentum throughout the magnetospheric system.


  1. Matina Gkioulidou – Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
  2. Michael R Collier – NASA/GSFC.
  3. Homayon Aryan – University of California Los Angeles.
  4. David G Sibeck – NASA/GSFC