AGU FALL 2020 Presentations

1David G. SibeckSM018-000210 December 202004:00 – 20:59Science Applications for Soft X-ray Imaging Missions
2Michael R. CollierSM018-000510 December 202004:00 – 20:59Single Spacecraft Tomography to Determine the Spatial Structure of the Magnetosheath Using Soft X-rays
3Frederick S. PorterSM018-0003 10 December 202004:00 – 20:59Soft x-ray imaging telescopes for remote observation of the magnetosphere
4Kip D. KuntzSM018-000410 December 202004:00 – 20:59Simulating Soft X-ray Images of the Magnetosheath
5Brian WalshSM029-0111 December 202016:00 – 16:06The Lunar Environment Heliospheric X-ray Imager (LEXI) – A mission for global magnetospheric imaging
6Yaireska M. Collado-VegaSM018-000810 December 202004:00 – 20:59 Magnetopause Boundary Location Analysis: Models vs. Observations
7Hyunju KIM ConnorSM029-0611 December 202016:30 – 16:38The Earth’s outer exosphere densities during solar maximum and solar minimum, estimated from XMM-Newton soft X-ray observations and OpenGGCM global MHD model 
8Syau-Yun Wang-HsiehSM018-000610 December 202004:00 – 20:59Ground-Based Support for Soft X-Ray Imaging Missions
9Connor O’BrienSM018-000910 December 202004:00 – 20:59A Novel Physics-Based Functional Form for the Magnetopause Shape
10Jerry GoldsteinSM018-001110 December 202004:00 – 20:59TWINS ENA Imaging Observations of the Timing of Ring Current Intensification
11Andrey SamsonovSM029-05 11 December 202016:24 – 16:30Extracting the Magnetopause Standoff Distance from Soft X-ray Images: a Method Development for the Forthcoming SMILE Mission
12Graziella Branduardi-RaymontSM018-000110 December 202004:00 – 20:59A Novel and Global Way to Explore Solar-Terrestrial Interactions: SMILE